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A Bundle Of Possibilities

I am a fan of Brad Paisley and the stories in his songs. One of my favorite numbers is ‘Two People Fell In Love”. The first part of the song talks about how a baby is born and goes on to become a Nobel prize winner because he has invented something that has saved a million lives. So he has made a big difference to the world at large, and the reason he exists is because two people fell in love! 

Every child has the power to imagine the unimaginable. After all, who told the kid that dreams have limits! It’s only when we grow up that we realize that dreaming of being the President of the country or aspiring to become the world’s best F1 racer comes with our own hang ups in life – that there is a thing called ‘impossible’, that life is a prison made of our own shackles. 

The curiosity is at its peak when we are young. There’s so much to seek, understand, learn. There’s an urge to navigate, to run through pages, to grab knowledge. As we grow up to become ‘wiser’, the curiosity is taken over by ‘knowing what’s important’, learning for the sake of learning.

The confidence of a child is unbeatable. He is not scared to fail. We scare his soul – “You will fall”, “You will hurt yourself”, “You will not be able to endure”. Are we telling the child to be safe, or tying him to the fear of failure for the rest of his life.

A child who is shy is expected to become an extrovert, a child who is hyper is expected to calm down, a child who talks a lot is told to shut up, a child who doesn’t talk is forced to speak. A child is subject to  the expectations of others. 

Who teaches the bully to be a bully? Who teaches the child to hit back? They only learn from what they see, not what they are told. Actions speak, words are mute.

It’s hard not to respond when a child laughs, or smiles. Why is that even the toughest of people become a child with a child? Because a child doesn’t judge you for how stupid or intelligent you are in their opinion. A child doesn’t judge you for your beauty or the so called ‘lack’ of it. A child doesn’t care if you are a ‘failure’ in the world’s opinion. A child loves you for reasons that reasons with your understanding of ‘growing up’. 

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. A child is a little bundle of joy, innocence, simplicity. A child doesn’t know what riches are, what money means, what is superiority or inferiority. An empty cardboard box to play with is all a child needs, whether he stays in a mansion or a hut. Then who teaches them to ‘show off’ their riches, their fortune?

Childhood is that phase when every little girl is a diva and every little boy is a hero. And they need to be told so. They need to know that they are good at this thing and that. That they are lovely in every way. That their imperfections is what makes them different. That imperfections are to be taken with grace not with disappointments. 
They need to be told that life is never going to be perfect, but the effort towards making it perfect is what matters the most. There will be choices thrown at them, hurdles at every step – they need to be taught to look at those obstacles in the eye. Make them strong, not protected. Teach them to respect others not for what they have achieved in life but for what they have become as a person.

A child is a bundle of possibilities. Focus on making him a good person – one who respects everyone, one who develops a sound judgement of what’s right and wrong, one who believes that no dream is impossible. 


  1. Swati all that you have enumerated is 100% true,you have covered all the qualities which make children special.That is why it is painful to see the media,reality shows & overambitious parents snatch this innocence from children & instead make them walking,talking,singing,performing zombies.

    • I am glad that you agree! It is definitely very sad to see the muck all around that clutters an innocent mind. I like how you have compared them to ‘performing zombies’. That’s exactly how they have become!

  2. I can hear a child speaking — one who has been given the wings to fly and soar in the skies and grown up to realise that 🙂

    A child is indeed a wonderful human being and we should take a leaf out of their lives but instead we are busy making them fear and conform to adult expectations. you are becoming quite an expert at photo essays, Swati 😀

    • The inspiration for this post came from observing the children around! Seeing a little one grow is a journey in itself. The child starts with saying everything that the imagination can capture but as he grows up, the imagination is taken over by conformity and achieving what makes others happy.

      If only we let them be what they want to be!

      Thank you 🙂

  3. What a lovely post! And such evocative pics- I particularly liked the 2nd one. He seems to be gazing at the height he means to reach!

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Glad you liked the post!

      The second one and the last one are my favorites too! 🙂

  4. Great post , Swati !

    Is he
    a discrete
    measured mixture,
    of flour,sweetness,
    growing just so
    in time,
    rising to heights,
    in the heats of Life,
    to be presented
    at a “coming out”
    decorated just so ?

    Or is he the
    hanging out on a tree,
    trying to act tough
    with the parrot,
    just to worry the tree ?

    Or is he the
    fooling around with friends,
    all hanging together,
    cocking a snook
    at others falling into a basket ?

    maybe a melon,
    keeping secrets safe inside.

    he’s the ear of corn,
    always trying to go higher,
    becoming a golden kid
    enjoying the
    breeze in the fields.

    he is the rose petals,
    strewn on the ground,
    sharing space
    with and watching
    the industrious ants and bees.

    You cant grow
    in a pan
    with beautiful boundaries.

    But yes, you can !

    As a
    little plant,
    brave in the field,
    loyal to the soil,
    happy with friends,
    the sky is the limit…..

    • Oh what a beautiful poem! Thank you so much 😀

      Loved the way you have strewn these thoughts into rhyming words 🙂

      Thank you so so so much!

  5. Can’t resist kids. Lovely pics and great post

  6. Luckily i saw this blog nd really could nt resist myself watching it purely by heart….how difficult is the life for some nd see for some it never satisfies…..beautiful pictures nd post indeed!

    • Very true.. We only realize the worth of something when it is missing. Glad you appreciate my thoughts here 🙂

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