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A Moment of Calm


It’s 11 am on a Saturday morning. Usually, on a weekday at this hour, I would be rushing to my desk, eager to start the work-day. After a commute that takes almost 90 mins, I am almost always relieved that I have 9 hours ahead of me of sitting at one place and being by myself; doing what (I believe) I like to do for a living.

Today is different. Not only it’s a weekend morning (which I adore, treasure, cherish, other beautiful verbs); it’s also a weekend morning in Goa.

I have been a stressful traveler. Mostly when I am on a vacation, I want to fill in every minute with a new experience, trying something offbeat and memorable every moment. In the past, while on a holiday, I have attended cooking classes, visited local markets flocked only by city’s residents, gone on guided tours of farms, orchards, vineyards, parks (yes!), abandoned forts, islands, et al; driven 250 kms to see architectural marvels, boiled (and eaten) eggs in natural hot springs, and once even spent 4 hrs exploring a seminary which had no other tourists whatsoever. Needless to say, vacationing meant doing nothing that I would do on a regular day.

Lately, my idea of vacations has changed. I have started feeling that vacations are a time to do more of what we do on a regular day (sans office work, of course) – waking up earlier than usual, going for longer morning jogs that are blissfully exhausting, meditating for more than just 10 mins, eating as slowly as possible and blogging;)

As I sit here looking at this view (from my AirBNB apartmentĀ in Siolim), a sense of calm has taken over me. The realization that 3 days later when I would be at my workplace at 11 am, this place would still be so calm and serene. That I was here to absorb this moment mindfully – the sounds, the fragrance, the breeze and freshness – and to capture it in my memory forever.

Will remembering this very experience allow a moment of to calm take over me when am frustrated of my hectic work week? I think it will.

Signage at Baba Au Rhum, Anjuna

Signage at Baba Au Rhum, Anjuna

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  1. I want a calm picture of you!

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