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A Morning In the Park – A Poem

It was a beautiful dawn,
Just like any other day.
With a song in my head,
I was on my way.


It was the usual at the joggers’ park,
Busy pigeons at the pond and singing larks.


I got down to setting my pace,
But something I noticed;
And my mind refused to let me race.


As I mindlessly looked around,
the view left me spell bound,
For it was the first time I gazed;
at the many green shades.


There were olive leaves and jade foliage,
Lime hues and the color of spinach.
The willow tint was so fine,
With pigments of aquamarine.


I walked ahead and reached a bed of flowers,
bright red petals against the dark green leaves;
I could stare at them for hours.


Everywhere I looked, I saw a different emerald blush
How wonderful was this nature,
I never noticed in my rush.


Moving towards the park’s hedge
I was tempted to peek
Was the grass really greener on the other side?
I had answers to seek. 


But that’s when it dawned on me,
I was comparing colors when I shouldn’t be.
Just as one shouldn’t compare one’s happiness with others’
For everyone gets equal joys and troubles.


I had a garden full of light and dark hues,
Some shades I like, others I refuse.


But I must learn to live with them,
For they are my own;
Why compare with what’s on the other side,
And in sadness moan?


I walked out of the garden,
With a wise smile on my face.
It was more mental, less physical;
My exercise for the day.

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  1. Food for thought! Loved the last stanza! 🙂

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