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As part of the IndiBlogger

Wow! It’s close to 3 years since I have been with IndiBlogger as part of the core team. And I think it’s safe to say that my life before and after IndiBlogger is completely different! This post may not exactly be a comparison of before and after but it’s definitely going to be about things that I have learned and earned being on this side of IndiBlogger!

It took me sometime to be fully ‘accepted’ by the team. (Hate to think of those initial months of struggle! I had to work really hard on my sense of humor to get the team to take me seriously. I remember when the very first time one of them smirked at a joke I had cracked – It was at that moment that I thought I had some scope of getting ‘in’.)Thus began my journey with IndiBlogger. Since then, I have learned many things which I could not have imagined to learn had I not been part of IndiBlogger.

  1. We work really hard before any IndiBlogger meet. We try to show up for each IndiBlogger meet with our best smiles.


This is Anoop getting his beauty sleep before an IndiBlogger meet and the rest of us are trying to make him look beautiful.

This is Anoop getting his beauty sleep before an IndiBlogger meet and the rest of us are trying to make him look beautiful.

Here's Nihal trying to bust his pre-IndiBlogger meet stress.

Here’s Nihal trying to bust his pre-IndiBlogger meet stress.

Since the team is scattered across the four corners of the country, I have learned how to make it work for us. The team has taught me that distance is no limitation when it comes to sharing creative ideas….

Image Courtesy: Karthik

Image Courtesy: Karthik

I will be honest, the distance sometimes makes it difficult to collectively appreciate stuff like this, but we get by..

Through ups and downs, we have come a long way. The entire team is like one big family. We all stand by each other through thick and thin. I am especially thankful to all of Vineets and two of Nihals – all six of them have been a source of great support to me as part of IndiBlogger Mumbai Team.

One big happy family! Image courtesy: Sai

One big happy family! Image courtesy: Sai

  1. You thought you had one too many IndiBlogger T shirts? Well, you have no idea what our wardrobes look like. And it’s not just our wardrobes, BTW. We have IndiBlogger painted all over our lives! 🙂 (I wish I could show you the sticker on the back of our car too. But you can guess what it looks like!)


I have spoken about what I have learned from IndiBlogger. Here’s something that I earned here – a husband. No no, I didn’t win him in an IndiBlogger contest. In fact, he was more like my consolation prize since I am not allowed to officially participate in any IndiBlogger contests! But I am quite happy with my prize; thankfully haven’t had any issues with the its delivery, redemption, utilization. The prize arrived on time and I haven’t had to raise any support tickets for the same!

As you can imagine, my life has changed completely since this happened!



Since the time I have been with the team, I have seen us dealing with many tough moments. And I must add, with all the madness that surrounds us, we sometimes get disillusioned and clueless about the way ahead. But Adina always saves the day! She is possibly the most prudent member of the team and each of us reach out to her every once in a while for advice in various matters. We always come back happy 🙂

Adina in her thinking mode

Adina in her thinking mode

So that is how life has changed for me since IndiBlogger happened. To sum up in a line, it’s been a complete rock and roll all the way! How and why I got into the IndiBlogger team is also quite a story, but we will save it for another post.

This post is IndiSpired!


  1. Really a COMPLETE change Swati… and the sweetest change one could ever imagine! Stay blessed always… Hail to Indiblogger 🙂

  2. Hi Swati. It was really nice getting to know you better through your blog post. I met you briefly at the Dove meet but was too scared to talk to anyone. Will definitely say a hi to you the next time we meet. 🙂

    A big thank you to you for answering all the email, even the angry ones so patiently. If I were you, I would definitely demand to be christened as the IndiSanta Claus. After all you are the one who sends amazing presents to bloggers across India 😀

    • Hi Khushboo! It was good to see you at the meet though we didn’t get a chance to interact much. Let’s do that next time we see each other 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words 😉

  3. Such an endearing & heartfelt post, Swati! Sweet pics too 🙂 Points 1 & 5 are especially notable!
    Great to learn so much about Team IB. Looking forward to the other story!

    • Glad you enjoyed reading about it Anita 🙂 I will write about the other one soon!

  4. Good to know about your life before and after indiblogger. Thanks and Kudos to the entire indiblogger team for creating and running such a wonderful platform.

  5. Who says they ‘smirked’ at your joke?
    I’m laughing out loud at your sense of humor with the presentation for this, Swati!
    And I must admire the Cover Pics you give me each IndiMeet. Thanks for that and for managing the only issue I had with my prize redemption in the past, so effortlessly.

    PS: Tell me some more about the cute kid, Adina is! 🙂

    • Oh I just click but nobody else in the team can 😉

      You should spend time with Adina at the next meet! She is really fun 🙂

  6. Awww….thank you for this post Swati! It really feels great to get an insight about the people who run the community I love! I might be late but, hearty congratulations for your wedding! 😀 It really sounds so romantic and CUTE!


    • Thanks for the wishes, Bushra 🙂 It’s never to late to get good wishes 🙂

  7. well first of all I did not know you were married to Vineet 🙂 Although I knew of the wedding ..

    I have been a member of indiblogger for a long long time now and have had some good and some bad times too..

    hey how about having one of these meets for the bloggers in UK.. i am sure i have mentioned it on the site tooo …

    here’s wishing the very best always to the indiblogger team ..


  8. It feels gud to know about the creative creators of indiblogger

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