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Brighter Hues

While India is a colorful country, some hues are more popular than the rest. Look around, and you will see shades of yellow and red somewhere near you. Go out on the streets, and you will see these colors glaring at you. Switch on the TV, and yes, the two are beaming at you! 

What is it about these two shades? Are we attracted to them or are they attracted to us?

Imagine an Indian bride – and you see red taking over your imagination almost instantly. Red is the color that adorns her head in the form of sindoor, it is the color of her trousseau, it’s the henna in her hand. 

The red tilak is an essential part of every Indian ceremony. Not to forget, the red string that is tied around the wrist – to ensure safety. Most married women wear a red-maroon bindi at all times, a mark of their marital bliss. It’s not just religious dos, red is an energizing color even otherwise. It is vibrant, bright, powerful and speaks volumes. It can invigorate passion and stimulate appetite.

It’s the color of love! It instills vigor and strength. If you are feeling low, put on that too-red-for-me piece of clothing and see your mood take an upswing. Red is all about energy, action, dynamism. For some people, red can even increase the heart beat and blood pressure – that is its power! If you want people to notice you, wear red..It is known to make heads turn!   

Red is also the color that signifies danger. It is a symbol of aggression, of violence, of martyrdom, of blood. It is also the color that signifies good luck in many cultures and mourning in some. It is a symbol of prosperity  for some, for some it spells evil. It is something that stimulates the mind and enchants the heart. It is red

Yellow, on the other hand, is the color of enlightenment. It is known to spread optimism and spark creativity. Yellow is even known to have healing powers in chromo-therapy. 

Cheerfulness, wisdom, confidence and positivism are spelled y-e-l-l-o-w!

Yellow is the light. It is that ultimate energy that drives the world. Every day starts with a yellow ray that flushes out the darkness. The flame that we cook our food on, the harvest of the year, the bouquet of flowers from a special friend, the turmeric that heals – they were all yellow!

Yellow is not just beauty, it also stimulates the nervous system. Yellow means ease, purity, sustenance. It is the color of mind and intellect. If you are bogged down with a dilemma or a confusing situation, expose yourself to this color to bring you some clarity. Yellow is the most visible of all colors and grabs attention of the mind. Yellow is favorable to students as it keeps the mind focused. 

Red and yellow are the two most visually attractive colors on any palette. Together, they can be your great companions, keeping you positive, energetic and full of life! They can uplift your mood and rejuvenate your intellect in way that helps you think constructively and creatively. 

Do you feel their power effect you already?


  1. wonderful brighter hue on cool background 🙂

    • Haha! Thanks, Pranav! the pictures were taken at various places at various times. Never knew they would all come together in a post on my blog 🙂


    • Thank you for dropping by!

      I think the images look beautiful because of their color! 😉

  3. Colour me red! And yellow! This post is so vibrant, for its positive energy. Loved the pics too. Once when I had been very ill and too weak to even move, I had wanted to cover the windows to block out the bright light. I had asked a dear friend to buy curtains for the windows and guess what? She bought buttercup yellow ones. I was aghast, but once she put them up, the change was remarkable. She beamed. Yes, I do understand the power of both these vibrant colours. You are right about red increasing BP. Patients are advised by healers of alternative systems to avoid it and instead go for pinks and blues.

    How about a series on colours? Wouldn’t that be lovely?

    • Glad you appreciate the vibrancy here! That’s what I was trying to portray and now I feel I suceeded too.

      Whenever I am feeling low, I do wear my superbly red top and it does make me feel better! *tried and tested*

      To be honest, I started out doing a post on colors and when I sat down to select the photos, I realised I had captured too many ‘reds’ and ‘yellows’. So I went ahead and did a post on these two.

      But yes, a post on ‘greens’ and ‘blues’ should be here soon!

  4. Wow.. the pictures are indeed inspiring and bring a smile the moment you see them .. and yes RED and yellow are indeed doing the trick here


    • Ahh! If the images are bringing a smile on your face, my work here is done! 🙂

      You should keep coming back here when you need a smile or when there isn’t enough red or yellow in your eye’s view 🙂

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