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Got No Time To Be Busy

I was in the most confusing phase of my life. It was also the phase when my self confidence was at an all time low. I had a job in one of the most boring fields, general insurance, that I was beginning to enjoy (this scared me) and an interview call for an MBA in the field of my choice. I decided to go with the latter but without really knowing if that was the right thing to do. What if the course wasn’t worth all the money and time that I was contemplating at investing?

I got her reference from a friend. She was in the final semester of the course I was hoping to pursue. I was told that she was a rockstar in everything she laid her hands on – academics, extra curriculars, internships, assignments, projects – she was known to be the best in all of it! I wished to speak with her to understand how to crack this interview that I badly wanted to get past successfully. My friend informed that she would be the perfect person to speak with. As good as it sounds; I was absolutely intimidated by the image I had of her in my mind.

What if she is too snobbish to talk to me? What if she doesn’t have the time to spare for me? What if she thinks am too stupid for her to help out? I think I was more stressed about speaking with her than I was about my actual interview.

I called her after much deliberation. She answered and I knew she was smiling when she said “Hello”. I introduced myself and told her the name of my friend who gave me her reference. She said she was expecting my call and sounded very friendly. I thought was lucky to catch her at a time when she was probably in the best of her moods. She asked me to meet her on the morning of the interview so she could tell me more.  It totally eased me off in so many ways. The smartest girl in the college had the time to help me with my stupid interview!

From that day till the day of the interview, I called her at least 10 times (much against my wishes). She helped me with my prep patiently. Each time I called and inquired if she were busy and if it were a good time to talk, she always said she was free and had “all the time in the world”. The interview was scheduled on the morning of the annual fest in the college and she was one of the main organizers. I called her the night before and reminded her that she might not have the time that day and she replied – “oh don’t worry – I have all the time in the world”. She said it with such ease that I couldn’t decide if she was being sarcastic or serious.

The m0re I spoke with her, the more I created an image of her in my mind. I had never seen her and this was way before Facebook-stalking was even a thing. On the day of the interview, I reached earlier than anyone else and called her. She said she was free and will come to where I was in 15 minutes. I wondered if it was that easy to lead an event of that stature. She came and she was nothing like what I imagined. In my mind, she was a studious looking, no-nonsense girl who probably wore specs and looked stereotypically intelligent. But here she was – with hot-purple streaks in her hair and pink lips that looked very attractive. She was, by all means, hot and oh-so-intelligent!

This story is turning out into how much I admired someone I didn’t really know so well. But the point I am trying to draw was that after meeting her I realised that she was possibly the busiest person in college that day and days before that because she was handling many a departments in the fest. In the 20 minutes that we were together that morning; she was constantly getting calls and from all over the place and I realised that she was patient with each one of them – sorting out things as if she really had ‘all the time in the world’. The faculty, her friends, her juniors – everyone needed her for something or the other and she had time for all of them!

Something struck me then. I realised that many a times we turn away people and tasks because we are busy but that prevents us from achieving our true potential. However, if we believe that we do have the time – then we really do have the time for so many more things.

I started applying this principle to my life and it helped me do much more than I thought I could. It somehow added more hours to my day. I realised that busy people have more time and are able to achieve more than those who think they are busy but are actually not. They are simply under estimating their true potential.

The most important thing, however, is to remember to not stress about anything and look at everything as a personal achievement rather than an achievement in someone else’s eyes. People who realise their true potential have not time to get busy!


When someone asks me, “Are you busy?”, it’s almost a reflex reaction to say, “I am always free.” Some laugh and some ask how I manage to stay free always. In reality, I would be working on 5 different things at the same time and yet manage to do it all well – mainly because I prevent myself from believing that I am too busy and not stress about the work I have at hand. It helps me stay calm, composed and alert. It helps me focus on everything I am working on and I go to bed with a great sense of satisfaction, knowing that I push my limits each day – while I stay calm, without having the time to worry about who gets the credit for what.

I do have some testing moments but I let them pass without paying too much attention. Ignorance helps deal with many a stressful situations and is possibly the easiest way to deal with day to day aberrations!

I suggest you give it a shot too – say aloud that you are free even on your busiest days and may be you will add some hours to your 24-hour day! It can do wonders to your professional and personal life!

PS: I am not in touch with her and don’t know where she is now! It doesn’t matter though – she taught me something beautiful about patience and potential and for that I am ever so grateful to my super-hot and intelligent mentor! She has, after all, given me the gift of ‘all the time in the world’.

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  1. It’s rare to find a person like that. I have realized that when we help others, we learn something fresh for ourselves too. At least for that, we need to make time and help others!

    Destination Infinity

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