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Hate Monday?

Poor Monday! If it were a person, it would be that guy who is enthusiastically helpful and yet, is unanimously hated by virtue of being “enthusiastically helpful”. Think about it – Monday is the day that marks the start of a new week, promise of new opportunities and a reason to start afresh. But we almost always turn it down with a PMS-like mood. 
However, if you hate Monday, you should know that there are benefits attached to it! (Who would have thought?). Just as every dark cloud has a silver lining, this worldwide, collective hatred has its positive aspects too. Read on.
1.    You are great at putting others under performance pressure.
Of course you are! As a Monday-hater you put excessive pressure on your weekends to be great. Poor weekends, like the sales guys at work, they have no escape. They must give more than achievable results. Eat, sleep, drink, party, watch movies — everything in excess. Bumper performance!
2.    Mechanism to deal with stress.
Hating Mondays is a great stress-buster. Since you worry so much about Monday on Sunday night and Monday morning, the rest of the week seems like a breeze. “Big meeting on Wednesday? Huh! No big deal. I have been through a groggy Monday morning.”
3.    You are great at moaning.
Ah! Now that’s one reason why someone else might be happy that you hate Mondays. No kidding! Have you heard yourself complaining about Mondays? It sounds like you are in a trance-like physical suffering. No elaboration needed.
4.    You are an influencer.
Oh yes, you are! Every time you groan, tweet or update your status about hating Mondays, you are influencing others to do the same. They, in turn, influence others by doing the same. By 11 am, you have effectively influenced about half the country. This makes you a digital influencer! And who doesn’t like to be one in this day and age?
5.    It teaches you to be hopeful.
Hating Mondays is a reason for you to hope for a day when you won’t hate them. Now, you do remember the famous line by Andy Defresne in Shawshank Redemption, “Hope is a good thing.” On the other hand, if you are part of that minuscule section of people who ‘love Mondays’; what do you have to be hopeful for on a week-on-week basis? 
And anyway, going by the benefits I have just listed above, who would not want to hate Mondays? I have a few more benefits that I could list, but I have to get back to my weekly Monday-hating ritual. See you on the other side of this dreadful day!
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