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How Do You Make Your Life Count?

I have always pondered over this and tried to draw a conclusion. But I could never really be convinced with any answer I thought of.

Of course, I know or so I believe, that life is all about people. As long as you have people to love and receive love from, exchange kindness and share joys and sorrows with, your life has a meaning. But all the people you love don’t live with you. Also, for those who live alone, they have a ‘home’ too and not just a house where they put up.


That brings me back to the original question – what exactly turns a house into a home?

This is a question that we all think about and ponder over. Life is supposed to have a purpose – a meaning that we all need to unlock for us to make living worthwhile. My life has a meaning and so does yours. Thinking of ourselves in general, it sounds just about right. But when I think of myself in this context, I wonder if I have actually been able to figure what makes my life count?

This and many other questions keep coming to the fore every once in a while and I continue to find varied answers that provide some food for thought, well at least for a while.

Once I read this small list of top regrets people had on their deathbed, and that really scared me. I would never ever want to die with personal regrets. And when I look at this list, I realize that simple things like making an effort to keep in touch with friends can make so much of a difference to someone’s life in their last hour. I mean, something that easy can possibly turn my life into a life of fulfillment!

When we have reached the end of the tunnel, we look back to what? Hours spent socializing on Facebook? Most definitely, no. Having a good time watching TV? I am guessing not.

So do we look back and remember the professional accomplishments? That might be true because your life could have been divided into various work-related milestones, ones that gave you glory, fame, riches, happiness! That’s how we judge someone’s worth, nay?

But what if I am not successful in life (by your standards or even mine)? What if I do not achieve anything that’s extra ordinary in someone else’s opinion? Does that mean my life has no meaning? 

Now that is a tricky one because we all had a purpose to fulfill in life, or at least that’s a good point of view to look at life.

While we all agree that success is nothing but a ‘state of mind’, would you be willing to downplay your personal success to give importance to something else. I know of mothers who quit their jobs to bring up children, but I am not talking about that. I am talking about giving up a promotion or a fancy job because it would not let you swim as much as you want or not let you play badminton every day?

Would you do that?

I am guessing no. Even though playing guitar is what you love doing the most, you don’t get time to do it anymore because your work takes up your week and family-time takes up the weekend.

When you have to look back in your life and tell someone what has been your single biggest regret  – it might be easier to say that you wish you had made time to play guitar. However, knowing that you might regret this later, I think, is your biggest cue to change your present. What do you think?

Of course it’s difficult to make ends meet in today’s exponentially inflated consumerist society and two working hands is much needed. But what about your personal likings and passions? Would you earn a little less for a little more time everyday to do what you love doing the most? It could be reading or writing or singing or dancing or playing cards or just being a good friend. Would you willingly trade some money for this, money that you are very well capable of earning?

I will leave you with that thought! And, of course, this beautiful cartoon strip created by Zen Pencils, based on an advice by Bill Watterson.



  1. Be the hero of your story and make your life count !!!
    Make the rest of your life, the BEST OF YOUR LIFE…
    Start living the life GOD has planned for you and count your blessings !!


  2. Your words spoke a lot than the Zen Cartoon! It is our inner search, simple we can live in the present and embrace lives around with us, love all and smile as much as we can! Life will be happy. Purpose is nothing but what engages our honest efforts, more honestly we try, more the success. But it does not matter whats the destiny but the happy journey matters. 🙂 Smile please…

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