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Lights, Sweets, Celebration!

Diwali is not just a festival or a religious do, it’s an elaborate affair. Around Diwali, the airports and railway stations are flooded with families, students, bachelors, et al trying to reach home, may be just for 2 days, to join the rest of the clan for the much awaited ‘festival of lights’. Cleaning the entire house, getting walls white washed, decorating the walls, doors, home made sweets, glittery attire and what not, are all exclusive to this festival.
Personally, I love ‘Holi’ more, but while the ‘festival of colors’ is all about fun, Diwali is all about family and home. It’s a reminder to us that no matter what, we all like to go back to where we belong, at least once a year. Diwali, could merely just be an excuse! And oh what an elaborate excuse it is!
I recently read Arti’s post on Cyber Nag’s blog on Diwali. It inspired me to capture some Diwali moments from Bangalore where I was celebrating the festival with my cousin’s family this year. Here’s what I captured:


  1. The essence and spirit of Diwali very well-captured by your keen eye! Happy Diwali to you.

    • Thank you and Happy Diwali to you too! Glad you liked the photos! 🙂

  2. You have a wonderful eye to capture the essence of diwali…. I’m a fan of your photography… honest!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 Means a lot! Hope you and Reena had a great Diwali! See you soon 🙂

  3. amazing snaps Swati! i loved the first and the thread ball the best! hope you had an amazing diwali here 🙂

    • Thanks, Anil! Yes, Diwali was great in Bangalore! Hope you had a great Diwali too! 🙂

    • i watched JTHJ, din like it except for Anushka 😛 so mixed emotions for diwali!!

    • Haha! I decided not to watch it at all. I would rather watch SoS 😛

    • the wait if on for dabang2! u own rustic arts?

    • Yes, Dabang 2 would be nice to watch! Yes, Rustic Art is my startup.

    • just wanted you to know that my respect for you got raised by few more bars after reading couple of your interviews and notes 🙂 glad we met!

    • That’s very sweet of you! Thank you so much 🙂 Do try Rustic Art stuff sometime 🙂

  4. Another lovely picture post, Swati. And one inspired by another great one 🙂 Every one of the pictures is great, but I loved the lamps (every one of them!) the sparklers and the last one the most. Diwali is no fun when celebrated alone, but come to think of it, all festivals are like that. And this year the news report said that it was a record exodus from the cities to the hometowns!

    • Yes, inspired from a great post! I loved the idea of a photo post around Diwali and could not resist myself from doing one of my own! Glad you liked the photos..

      Am sure this year was a record exodus.. We saw a mob-like crowd at the airport on our way to Bangalore at 4:30 am !!!

  5. I love this pictures.. though I am not one to understand photography. I really loved the last one where the gems are highlighted.

    • Thank you so much! Glad you liked the photos! One does not need to understand photography.. If something appeals to the eye, it’s good 🙂

      I am not a photographer myself. I just like to experiment with the camera.

  6. Wow, such amazing pics, Swati! Looks like Diwali was great fun :).

    • Hello! Yes, Diwali was good fun and very different. It was my first in Bangalore. Enjoyed every bit of it!

  7. Swati the last picture is very eye catching-what is it ?

    • Hello! Happy Diwali 🙂

      The last picture is a handmade piece of decoration, an alternate to the traditional ‘Rangoli’ .. gems stuck on a transparent sheet.

      Glad you liked it 🙂

  8. Beautiful pictures had great fun.. I love fireworks so I too enjoyed it a lot..

    • Hi 🙂 Good to know that you enjoy fireworks, I do too but only from a distance! 🙂

      Diwali was great fun! Happy Diwali:)

  9. What a wonderful and heart warming post! The festival of Diwali is aptly captured with your photography!! My favorite capture apart from the Diya is that of the sacred red moli 🙂

    • Thanks, Arti! And double thanks for inspiring me to put this together! The ‘moli’ picture is my favorite too 🙂

      Hope you had a great Diwali!

    • What an inspiring poem 🙂 It has added deep meaning to the photo. I am extremely overwhelmed and thankful to you for adorning this picture with such wonderful words. Thanks again!

  10. Awesome clicks…u captured the light exactly as it is going to kick the darkness away…nice photography

    • Glad you liked the photos. The idea was to capture the different elements of Diwali… with the undying hope that darkness is kicked away by the light.. in all of our lives!

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