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Liquid Sunshine

A drizzle that reveals the beauty that already exists around you is the kind you ‘need’ every once in a while. We see the same tree, same plants, same buildings, same parks everyday but suddenly after a flirtatious pour, we seem to have put on rose-colored glasses for the nature; and we see a love-story going on, oblivious to our trivial lives. The creatures that come out to play, the birds who otherwise own the sky run around for cover, shyly giggling over the romance that awaits; the flowers get pregnant with water droplets, blushing away of their own accord. 

It’s like liquid sunshine, bringing happiness wherever it reaches. 

Captured these images right after such a wash-down. Sigh!


    • Thank you for taking the time to drop by! Thanks for the wonderful suggestions 🙂 Loved the picture on your blog.

    • Thanks, Sho! Now your turn to click ‘beautiful’ pictures 😉

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