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Our Sacred Corner

Every Indian household is only complete with an altar of god. It might be a 15*10 feet shack or a palace-like abode, it will have one corner dedicated to Him, the almighty. In India, people not just pray to God, but they maintain a relationship with Him. They are more God-loving than God-fearing. 
Many households have a daily routine for God too, just as all the other members of the family. They wake Him up, bathe Him, dress Him, clean the place around him, put fresh flowers at His feet, offer Him fruits, put a lamp near Him when it gets dark in the evening and finally put Him off to sleep before they go to bed themselves. 
Another distinct feature of these mini, in-house temples is that they have many a accessories that add a lot of color to worshiping. It’s not just prayers but a lot of love expressed through Krishna’s flute, the fire lamp, the silver bell, et al. 
It makes the entire experience of praying a lot more symbolic, peaceful, reassuring and loving.In this photo-essay I have tried to capture some of those adornments that are a token of love for the Almighty in Hinduism.

It’s an ever lasting love affair with God – colorful, enchanting, soothing.

All photographs from the sacred corner in my parents’ house.


    • Thank you, Pratibha G! Making the best use of my time at home 🙂

  1. Love the pictures, Swat.
    I have fond memories of my grandmother and her beloved sacred corner.

    • Thanks, Pram! And I have fond memories of my God-mother’s hostel room 😉

  2. lovely pictures. beautiful photography. What is else that you have yet to master ?

    • You are being too kind with your words, Sazhin! I enjoy photography and that is all. I have yet to learn a lot.

  3. Are those akshatas? The grains of rice look so surrealistic! Loved the baalis on Krishna’s ears 🙂

    • Those are not baalis, Amma. That is Krishna’s flute 🙂 Yes, those are akshatas.

  4. Nice shots, I loved them. Good closeups and compositions!

    • Thank you so much, Abhra. Means a lot coming from you. Love the pictures on your blog.

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