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Private Paradise II

I woke up, feeling hazy. One of those uh-it’s-already-morning days. So I got out of the house, thinking I should engage myself in something random. With my ‘Happily Unmarried’ bag hung on me, I set out with my camera. I was amazed at what I saw. Never realized there were so many fruit trees around my locality. It was a morning with wet roads and water dripping from tree leaves. And there were fruits lying on the sidewalk, the ones that had fallen from the tree. I looked at them through the lens, and went on a clicking spree. Here’s what I saw that morning:

I think I was again reminded that I have a private paradise that I live in.
The morning was beautiful.


  1. simply loved them swati…. awesome stuff i say!!!
    must hav been one hell i mean heaven of an awesome exp!! luks only so loverly 😀 keep up the wonderful morningzzzzz!!

  2. how can an individual be a pro in so many things…u re a versatile genius 🙂

  3. the colours captured attracted my attention…

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