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Private Paradise

“Rain is a good thing”, a melodious song by Brad Paisley. If you ask me why I love rains, I probably would not have an answer. But there isn’t anything that makes me happier!
Life has come a full circle for me, though it was a very small circle, stretched over two years. I am back in this cute, little flat, where I spent the most amazing times a couple of yrs ago. Now things are different here though. There are new room
mates, the wonderful TV is gone, there is a huge building outside the back window and it’s much hotter in the afternoon.
But the building watch man is still the same. He stays here with his wife and 4 kids. They stay in a one room house and yet are always laughing and sharing jokes, like a happy family.

It’s always so reassuring to see them smile, they live with so much dignity and have fun amongst themselves.
I did not realize how beautiful this locality is, until Pune got its first monsoon shower a few days ago. It was like a revelation. I walked outside when the roads were still wet and it struck me how beautiful life is here.
The sidewalk outside my building is often covered with Gulmohar petals, making it a royal walk even for an ordinary like me. Just a few steps away is a small chemist store where a middle aged man sells not just medicines but ‘Thought for the Day’ on a white board. There’s a tiny flower shop in the same compound where the florist would gladly give you a flower without taking anything in return but a smile.
There is something almost magical about this place because the birds never stop singing here. It’s always quiet and calm. A walk around this area would justify why Pune is often referred to as the Pensioner’s City. Old couples taking a walk around, specially in the morning one can see health-conscious retired men, brisking it out at the nearby park with their disciplined dogs in tow.
There are a few hostels in the vicinity too, that allows you to see young boys and girls sitting around corners, just talking and laughing. You can’t help but smile when you see them.
There is an old building opposite my compound, where my music teacher stays. Just a road-cross away. I would be resuming my lessons this week, after 2 years of break.
The cherry on the cake, however, is the lake. A well maintained, serene, surrounded by flowers lake, in the heart of the locality. It is as if living in a paradise 🙂

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