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She’s always a woman to me

I am not too much of a blogger! This blog was started a few of years ago with a series ‘People Who Mean So Much’ where I used to write specifically about individuals in my life, who meant so much to me. This blog was for ‘private circulation’ then. Soon I started writing about varied things which were a little more generic, but still very personal. But I didn’t quite take it very seriously. For a long time, I thought it was just an extension of my fears and issues in life. A dark place for anyone to peek into!

I did away with the posts intended for specific people so that I could share my blog with everyone out there. Later, I picked up the hobby for photography and tried including my experiments with the lens and light on my blog. But even then, I didn’t take blogging very seriously. Enter Cybernag! 

She not only inspired me to give more time to blogging, but also helped me gain the confidence that I can do a decent job with my writing and clicking. I was very happy with her comments, suggestions and ideas for my blog. But then one day she casually asked, “Would you like to do a guest post for me?”. And I gulped. As exciting as it sounded, it meant I had to live up to the standard her wonderful and much admired blog has!

This is how I describe her blog: is where you will find a rainbow of posts, each with a different color streak. It’s where you can laugh, cry, ponder, wonder and wander for hours. It offers a lot of food for thought on a single platter, something you will never get bored of! 

Now that I finally did a guest post for her blog, it gives me immense happiness and a great sense of satisfaction. Can’t thank her enough for giving me the opportunity to display my work in the pages that enjoy such a huge readership. 

Here’s the link to my photo post on 

Have a look 🙂


  1. I will cut paste a part of my comment here from Cybernag’s post , she calls you a budding photographer .. WELL

    “Fist of all beautiful pictures b ya Budding photgrapher , although I would like to debate on the “budding” word because to me the pictures are awesome and seem very professional.. budding are the likes of me who have no clue how to use the camera they have spent so much money on and yet take pics and shamelessly splash them around “

    The photos are simply awesome, and if perchance you use a canon then please please begging you and I can ask cybernag to do a SHIFARISH too.. PLEASE do teach me how to use the damn thing..

    Now you can see why i was singing praises , he he he I had a selfish motive behind 🙂 he he he

    No seriously Loved the pictures and they have indeed come out beautifully ..


    • Hello 🙂 And welcome to my blog!

      Once again, a BIG thank you for appreciating my effort. I use a Canon 1000D, although been experimenting with other SLRs too.

      I haven’t been able to perfect the art myself but I try to use it as much as possible so I get used to it.

      If and when we meet, we will definitely go clicking together to learn a thing or two from each other 🙂

  2. You are a wizard with your camera and you bring out emotions so well. And trust Zephy to do the needful. She can inspire, she can motivate and even threaten u with the belan. 😀
    Can I use the pic of the lady with the mobile?

    • Hey!

      Yes, please feel free to use the photograph. And do share the link when you put up the post!

      Looking forward to it 😀

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