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South Goa – A Serenity Marvel

We had heard so much about South Goa being quiet, quaint and far more beautiful than North Goa that it was, without a doubt, on our travel hit list for a very long time.
The universe conspired and there we were – looking forward to our much awaited trip coinciding  with my birthday.
My husband and I travel a lot and usually it’s on our Enfield, Laetitia. However, since this trip was a mid-week plan, we chose to fly in and out of Goa; much to the surprise of our friends and family.
Vineet and I like everything old school! A major part of our (love) story involved hand-written letters sent across cities through India Post in 2012-2013. We were looking for something very Goan and traditional to put up in Goa and hence it was no surprise that we decided to stay at Arco Iris, a beautiful Portuguese style homestay in the heart of Curtorim, Salcette. Everything about this house appealed to our idea of a perfect holiday and yet we didn’t quite know what to expect!
We got in touch with Beni, our host, and her friendly demeanor at once got us even more excited about our stay in her lovely home! 
When we reached, we were welcomed by our hosts (an affectionate family of five) with smiles and a couple of woofs! 
Feni is real friendly 🙂
The house tells many stories of its colonial past, thanks to the intricate restoration by our hosts. Everything is old school (just as we wanted it to be) and that’s what we loved so much about it in the first place anyway!
The furniture, the architecture, the switch boards – everything is as rustic as it could be! 
Notice the well at the back.
It was so peaceful to be here that it felt like time really stopped for us to let go of all the pent up fatigue and stress so we could regain our lost composure.
The house is also a bird lover’s paradise. I just stood in the the front porch soaking in the serenity and spotted many a variety of birds. It was so peaceful that my camera seemed like a distraction.
We bugged our hosts with endless calls when we lost our way back home on one of the days or couldn’t figure out which place to go next or when we wanted to rent a bike and then a car. They, needless to say, were extremely patient and helpful, and thankfully did not refuse to answer our calls!
There’s Feni again!
If you wish to experience something time-honored and vintage with a heavy Portuguese essence, Arco Iris is where you should be headed.
What to see:
We did not want to make this trip very hectic and hence we simply rented a vehicle and just moved around in the lovely, cloudy weather. Greenery never left our sight and colorful buildings kept us glued to the beautiful scenery they joined to make. 
We explored a few places that simply made this trip rich with culture, history and inspiration. 
  1. Cabo de Rama Fort, Canacona
Betalbatim Beach
Betalbatim Beach
The Sun playing hide & seek at Betalbatim Beach
Rachol Seminary, also known today as the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol
Rachol Seminary
Library at Rachol Seminary
Library at Rachol Seminary
Transport yourself back in time by visiting Casa Araujo Alvares house in Loutolim (



At the Big Foot Museum
Mira Bai, the largest laterite sculpture (
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, Panjim
The Sun setting over Panjim.
Where to eat:
Being in South Goa, the two places that are a must try for the authentic Goan / Goan-Portuguese food are Martin’s Corner in Betalbatim and Chef Fernando’s Nostalgia in Raia. 
Both will serve the local Goan flavor on a plate, something you cannot miss! 
Chef Fernando’s Nostalgia – Very Goan, very good!
Wall paintings at Nostalgia

At Martin’s Corner
However, we absolutely loved the food served to us at Arco Iris as well. I used to especially cherish sitting amidst greenery and eat with Vineet with sheer peace around us.
Our 3 nights and 4 days in Goa were one of the best holidays Vineet and I have been on. I am pretty sure we are going there again soon, since we left our hearts in Salcette 🙂


    • Thanks, Maniparna! Although the images don’t really do justice to the place 🙂

    • The library, to be honest, was full of volumes that I would not imagine existed. It was interesting to see such an old library full of books on religion. I mean, the Bible is just one book. There were a million other books on the subject. It was over-whelming.

  1. Love the photographs!! 🙂
    and I love south goa so much, really nice post!

    • Yeah, I didn’t really plan or expect anything before going there. Loved the experience 🙂

  2. Loved the gramophone, typewriter and Feni! He looks really cute. No wonder you loved photographing the birds. They are lovely. And the sun? It looks like it is hung in the sky. All in all, a beautiful post.

    • Feni is a lady, Amma!

      It was one of the best trips we have made, considering we travel so much!

  3. What beautiful pictures. I am lusting on this holiday of yours.. sounds like an amazing trip.

    • Let’s go there – all of us! It will be a great ride in the monsoon 😀

  4. I loved the old style black switches .. brought some memories when electricity first came to our village ..

    beautiful photographs


    • and you know the Enfield Bike .. wow.. I I just paid 46 pounds ot buy a pair of break shoes 🙂 and the price on the box says Rs. 321/-

      dont know Why i came back to write this 🙂 maybe becuse you said that usually you and your hubby go by enfield..

    • Everything was old-school! It was like traveling back into a beautiful memory.

      Are you saying the break shoes are from India being sold for 46 pounds in the UK? That’s criminal! Haha! 🙂

    • yesssssssssssssss… it is criminal .. and I only found when i got the package with the Price tag in Rupees on it 🙁

  5. Really liked the way you took dip in the sands of time. Seems like a good relaxing trip

    • Thanks, Richa! Well, I was in ‘exploration’ mode for most of the times but it was very relaxing mentally 😉

  6. Great post with wonderful photographs, there are varieties of things to do in Goa for both adventurous as well as laidback travellers.

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