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The ‘at home’ feeling

I found the answer, you won’t believe it, on my phone the other day. I was just flipping through some pictures taken mindlessly on my phone of various corners of my home. These images, surprisingly, captured those little things that have been a part life – some are new, some are decades old, some are gifts, some are just necessities – but all are equally intrinsic. I realize if I remove these little corner- treasures from home, it goes back to becoming a house.

What I am trying to say here is that these are the things that make you feel at home. You could move into a fully furnished apartment with all amenities, may be even better than what you have in your own abode, but as much as you might enjoy the comforts, you miss certain things like, may be, your study lamp that you have had since your childhood, or that not-so-charming flower vase that is as old as you. These things are replaceable, but actually, they are significant in a way that you sometimes over look. That old, wooden chest of drawers that you search from top to bottom anytime you lose anything (sometimes even your heart!) with a hope that you would find it in there – yes, that makes your house a home.

Below are some of those pictures that helped me reach my conclusion.


Wind chimes that go unnoticed on a regular day but sometimes they feel the need to make their presence felt with a soft sound against an evening breeze.
Sometimes, things become important to you not because they are yours but because of who gave them to you. A gift from someone is not just an object but also because it wraps up memories, laughter, friendships, all the good things.


Some unnoticed corner of the house that has been the same since time immemorial. You don’t know if it can look any different. You don’t even feel the need to alter it. It’s not worth your time to arrange it any other way. But it’s important the moment it’s not there. When it goes missing – it leaves a void.​

Posters from childhood (the ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ kinds) that hang on wardrobes, stickers that wouldn’t come out. You don’t even know who put them in the first place. But they are there. They don’t mean anything. Or do they?
Something abstract that nobody might care to understand – but it has a hidden meaning that you know. It’s special since the very beginning. Stays so till the very end. Witnessing everything in between.


Books. Old books. New books. Piles of them. Stacks of them. Hundreds of them. You never leave them and, somehow, they never leave you either.​

A quirky gift from a friend. Reminder of a great friendship (and also a giver of soft hugs like in the case of this cushion)

And lastly, some things you have for the keeps. You may not be in touch with those people who were a significant part of your life at some point, those who you have regretfully parted ways with. But you never parted ways with things they gave you. Because sometimes, you don’t need a closure.


  1. 🙂 It’s true Swat. Material as they may be – these little things are what make a home. With the right people, of course. May we never have to let them go.

  2. I read it.. and then read it slowly once again and then looked around my room and then completely related it with what you’re saying here.. Made for a good read.. Thanks!

  3. Lovely post! And of course goes without saying the sound waves will make for such beautiful antiques one day..

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