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The Life & Times of An Indian Street Dog

The streets are my home

I grew up here,

I grew up on my own.



I too had aspirations, I thought I’d make it big some day.

“Everything seems possible when you are young,”

They are right when they say.


As I grew older, reality set in;

Nope, I wasn’t going to have an exciting future,

After all, I was no Golden Retriever or Japanese Chin.


Wait, did they just reject me for I am no hunk?

And now I won’t ever eat out of a plate,

Or have a cushion to bunk?


Those handsome buggers have it easy,

They get ‘loving, caring homes’ in no time

I wasn’t aware that looks mattered so much

Since when was being Plain Jane a crime?


I spent the best years of my life

waiting for something exciting to happen,

The most I got was screeching cars;

and some nice people who cuddled.


But that was that and then I stopped waiting,

For feeling miserable was no use;

Although I hear they often mention me,

But only as an insulting abuse.


Now I am growing older,

and I have made peace with reality

I spend my days by myself,

Waiting for eventuality.


Do I not look happy?

May be it doesn’t show.

That lady who brings food for us street-dwellers,

There’s too much to her that I owe.


For it’s not just the food that I like her for,

It’s also the closest I will ever get to being cared about.

Even if she turned up without food some day,

I would still be excited to see her, I have no doubt.


Am I sounding too needy?

I apologize, those are not my manners.

I know better than demanding love,

I understand the real things in life that matter.


I love my brothers on the streets,

We could fight and kill for each other;

They are the only family I ever had,

We have been through a lot together.


The only wish that I make every day,

is not to make us prettier in the next life.

But to give others the vision

to see what lay inside.


  1. 🙁 Harsh but true. You made me tear up. Hope everyone who’s posting about Yulin spares a thought for our own street dogs too.

  2. Who said Indian Dogs are not beautiful??!! They’re one of the most handsome breeds. They’re independent and friendly. They have a amazing knack for cleaning themselves and are best suited to the Indian environment! Why don’t we Indian dog lovers highlight their beauty instead of comparing them to foreign dogs and still putting them in 2nd place?

  3. Very emotional! Why are we humans so helpless? How I wish we can do something about these street kids! I am glad to come across people like you who take time and space for such emotions.

  4. This post is so touching. Beautifully written!

  5. Very nice and emotional poem, and all the photos are just perfect and beautifully clicked.

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