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The Music in My Life

There’s a rhythm to everything
With you around
I feel a lot more alive
I feel I have been found

You are the music in my life
You turn my words into a song
I often dance to the tunes
That you play along

It’s true, it will never be enough
The togetherness, the love we share
Even if we held each other for the longest time
The longings we still cant bear

It’s the smile you put on my face
Even when you are just in my musing
It’s the music you have brought in my life
It’s the reason why I sing

Love has a different meaning
It’s not what they define
It’s the happiness we feel in the rhythm we share
It’s the life tuned with music so fine

You can’t go away
It’s the way I have kept you inside
You may or may not completely agree
but you are the Music In My Life!


  1. Brings an early morning freshness when I read it…. Dewdrops and Sunrises kinds 🙂

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