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To the rescue of men!


1) This post is for all the men who are doing their best to keep the women in their lives happy!                           We love you too. 

2) Feminists, please don’t read further.

It’s a very cliched topic – the difference between what women say and what they actually mean. There are millions of jokes about it and, thanks to them, we all now know what she really means when she says, “I am fine”. Or do we?
But like any other science, this subject is subject to continuous research and finding. The more, the better when it comes to helping out men with demystifying what we, the women, are really seeking from them.  
Here are some insights that should help men ‘analyse’ our behavior a little better!

1. We love getting pissed off!

No, really. And it’s not so much about getting pissed off but it’s about self-pity. It’s something we crave. I am not sure why that is so. So if you make us feel slightly miserable, we jump on the ‘opportunity’ to go on a trip. It’s an occasion for us to get some self-pity and of course the attention from you. This ‘trip’ continues till we get bored of feeling sad, because, you know, girls just wanna have fun

2. You don’t know what you did wrong? We don’t know that either. 

It’s really simple. Sometimes we get bored of feeling happy. You have been so perfect and have done everything right, but what’s the fun in perfect? So we try to get back at you for …’nothing’. We just behave like we are angry and very upset. And we really are angry and upset, alright? Almost like you have made a mistake whose repercussions  we have to deal with for the rest of our lives. You would be wondering what and when did you screw up. Trust me, we are wondering too. But that doesn’t affect the way we behave. 
From Family Guy

3. We want you to call us. But we don’t want to talk!

How is this complicated? When we are in a bad mood and we have communicated it to you (indirectly, of course), we expect you to call us. We want to know that you are concerned about our ‘bad mood’. It’s the only thing we want. But we are in a bad mood, remember? And what do people do when they are in a bad mood? They don’t talk to others, that includes you. So it’s like this – if you call us, we wouldn’t talk properly about what’s wrong or why the foul mood and if you don’t call us, you are making the situation worse. Now is that what you really want to do? Make it worse when we are already feeling so ‘miserable’? Insensitive prick!

4. Silent treatment

This is actually slightly complicated and we know it. Sometimes we get mad at you for things that are stupid in our eyes. And logically thinking, it’s not any reason to get mad at you. But that’s the problem. Logical thinking is not what we were born for. So we can’t really tell you why we are mad because you would know how stupid the reason is (believe us, it’s really stupid). But anger is anger! Takes its own time and course to fade away. Till then, enjoy the blaring silence. 

5. You want to know what you can do to make it right?

Frankly speaking, you are quite innocent. Sometimes you just accept the mistake (most of the times you don’t know the mistake you have generously accepted) and seek to know what you can do to make it right. The thing is, we can’t tell you what will make it right. Because if we tell you, you are doing it just because we asked you to do it! Which, to us, implies that you don’t actually mean what you are doing! 
And there’s no way in hell you can guess what is it exactly that we want. Hmm. Our sympathies. 

6. Trust me, we trust you! 

We love to think. Then we think some more. Then we over think. Don’t be surprised, but we sometimes think about things that never even happened. They happened in our minds, of course. Benefit of doubt? No, no. We don’t know how to give you that. Paranoia is kind of inbuilt in us. So there’s a plot that you have been playing against us and what do you think, we are stupid to have not guessed it yet? Sorry, mister, the game’s over. Most of the times, we don’t mention to you this story that’s been playing in our minds. But we are connecting the dots (that there never were.)
You would suggest that why can’t we just clarify our doubts with you and give you a chance to explain! Let me tell you, we don’t like clarifying anything with you because we don’t want you to think that we are psycho-maniacs, non-trusting and stuck up. Get it? In your eyes, we trust you. Completely. 
Hope this was of help! 
You are welcome. 


  1. Haha! Too good! 😀
    If there were a Women’s instruction manual, this would be the first chapter!!

  2. Swatiiiiiii…. That’s like EXACTLYYYYY how I feel!! I would want to share it with Kanishk but then he would stop giving me all the attention to my mood swings!! :p

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