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Wish and thou shall have it!

It’s funny how I wished for something so much, never realizing that wishes do come true! 

As a kid, it used to annoy me to no end that I did not have a unique name but perhaps the most common name for my generation. OK Neha, Sneha, Shweta, Pooja, et al may be the most common ones but yet, mine was not far behind. 

While I could not change my name to something else, I thought having a nick name could help. Bad luck! My family gave me only one name – Swati. May be they sometimes called me ‘Swatu’ out of extreme love but that was rare. I used to get jealous of my peers who had nick names at home! 

The idea of being called with an embarrassing Sweety, Sonu, Monu, Babli seemed very thrilling to me.  However, it just remained an idea. In my head. Nobody ever embarrassed me with a nick name, despite me asking for it!

It was time to accept the bitter truth. I was stuck with a name, one name, a boring – common name, for the whole of my life. 

I made my peace with it and cried myself each night to sleep. Well, may be not cried. OK may be I didn’t think about it as much either. But whenever I was introduced to another ‘Swati’, which happened often, I used to wish for a different name for myself! 

I moved to Pune in 2005 for higher studies. That’s when it happened. My wish got answered. Many times over. 

While I in my graduation, my best friends started calling me Ol’ Granny for reasons I do not wish to elaborate on, but the related anecdotes that are etched in my mind will never cease to make me laugh! They associated this name with me out of love and fondness, so much so that until recently my name in their phones was Ol’Granny and not Swati. 

I have never seen the cartoon ‘Swat Cat’ and that’s an irony. So many people called me that and still continue to call me, Priyambeing my favourite!

So when Bhashu and I had nobody to celebrate Christmas with in 2009, we decided to make each other happy! I was her Santa..err Swanta! Another cool nick name I enjoyed being called by. 

When I started working (oh yes, once upon a time I had a corporate job), my work team called me ‘Little Lady’. That’s what they wrote on my farewell cake too. (I could take no more than 11 months in that job.) 

My best friend Anuja likes to call me ‘Swateh’… It’s funny since she likes to use short forms for everything but she added an extra letter to my original name! But she is allowed to do that. For her, there are no rules 🙂 Plus, a nick name! Hell yes to anything! (I was ready for Babli, remember?)

Like this was not enough, MBA gave me a plethora of new names! Sweaty (It’s nothing to do with perspiration of any kind, FYI.), Swat-oooo to Swat-O, and my most ever favoritest name, Swaaaaaaaaa (give or take 5 A’s). 

When I started riding with Vineet, the fellow riders got to know me as Manny, inspired from the character Manny Heffley. Most of them have never called me Swati. Can you imagine what that means to me?

If you must know, my True Caller name is also not Swati! Now that is a true testimony of the fact that I had truly arrived; as far as acquiring another name was concerned. 

Now I am just thinking, if only I had wished equally hard for a million dollars as well. Sigh!

This post is IndiSpired.  Ting-ting-ti-ding!


  1. The only thing that comes to my mind after reading this if you left the corporate job and now working as full time writer?

  2. Your parents or guardians wished you to become a star and i think you may soon become. You are connected to upper hemisphere and luck may shower on you.

    • Oh yes, I have been told many times over about how my name has celestial significance. It does make me feel better about it 🙂

  3. I always liked names with ‘S’ and Swathi was one of my favourites too as a kid. It is still sweet and short. Trust me, you don’t want nick names. They have their own problems attached. Btw, my son’s birth star is Swathi 🙂

    • Yes, I am fond of names starting with S too. In fact, almost everyone in my maternal family has a name starting with S. I like the significance/meaning of my name honestly I do not hate the name either. Well, not anymore at least 🙂

      I am told Swati is a good birth star to have 🙂

  4. Very well written:-) if you want I can start calling you Swsssss 😀

  5. swathi is not a bad name afterall :p yep i a agree its common 😀 even i’ve a best frn by same name.. so next time when someone asks y swati u can say it means star,dew drops,a real pearl!! 🙂

    • Oh yes! I don’t hate it or anything, but I wish I had a more unique name. However, made my peace with it many years ago 🙂

  6. SwatCat! You might love Swaa more, but mine is the most innovative of the lot 😛

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